Architecture and building services

Professional planning, management and support for all the phases of your building project. The following is an extract from our service portfolio.

The architecture services are being offered in the following categories:

Architecture| Interior Design| Urban Design| Landscape Design


1. Consultancy

  • Project scoping
  • Customised design planning
  • Preparing building applications
  • Project development and coordination
  • Assessing building damage
  • Valuation of developed and undeveloped plots of land
  • Green buildings


2. Building planning

  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Construction of flats and houses
  • Redevelopment and change of use planning
  • Remedial maintenance and preservation of historical monuments
  • Garden and landscape planning
  • Location selection and real estate consultancy


3. Building support

  • Project management
  • Tendering, award, invoicing
  • Building supervision and management
  • Property management


Contemporary architecture

From the very beginning, our goal has been to design tomorrow's architecture today. We combine modern and distinctive design with professional project management and many years of experience. Our solid track record of successful projects and competitions proves that our approach is the winning one.



We also have Professional Registered Architects, Engineers and Building Consultants on board, to provide the highest quality of Architecture and Green Design services for your building projects in variety of scopes such as Single Familty Hauses, Multy-Use Buildings, offices, commercials etc. regrding to BC and Natinal Codes.


We will come your place through Your Free Consultation Appointemnt to discuss your project. 


We also draw your Engineering Plans and get your City Permissions and Approvals.


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