About Us

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AKID's origins can be traced back to 1996 as a ICT company (assembly, graphic, teaching etc.). In 1998 the group expanded into services and was involved in industrial design projects and participated in some projects as diving devices, sport instruments and by 2000 it was designing components for cars and airline cabins for large multinational companies.

In 2001 by joining the architects and engineers with various areas as: civil, mechanical, electrical and Industrial engineering, the group engaged with construction projects and a broad range of designs and consultation, and supervision as: Structural design, electrical/mechanical utilities, sensitive security systems, Interior architecture and decoration, landscape design. Through this the group has done lots of projects as residential and domestic buildings (villas, apartments etc), gardens, Industrial buildings and factories, road and highway, and bridge, dams and hydro-structures.

In 2006 the biggest project was accomplished by the group, which was designing and building a GRP (a kind of fiberglass pipes) factory in 50 hectares with about £12M cost.

In July 2009, AKID consultants won the 'Honourable Prize' of “INCHEON International Urban Design Competition 2009, in South Korea”. This project is considered as piece of urban, architectural, and technological design work. The project Off Grid City was the result of a tremendous amount of hard word with creative approaches for energy efficiency reuse and recycling the waste materials and generating energy from low cost/free resources. The innovative project site is to be located in the part of area 11, Songdo, Incheon Free Economic Zone, South Korea; and the area is approx 1.7 M m².

(More information:  www.siap.org/news/offgridcity/offgridcity.htm )

In 2011,  AKID consultants won International Prize of Best 8 Design Works’ of ISOVER International Skyscraper Design Competition 2011, Manhattan, USA , for designing 'Green Tower', Exhibited in Excel, London, in Ecobuild 2011.

From 2012, AKID Consultants have been re-framed as an RCT+B (Research, Consultation, Training+Business) firm and have been relocated in to the Vancouver, BC, Canda. From then, they have been involved with varieties of construction and technologies projects in the British Columbia, Canada.

From 2017 up to present, AKID Consultants have re-extended their services in to the Middle East and Asia, to Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, UAE, and China.