The President and the Prime Founder of AKID Consultants from 1996 

(Owner of %100 Company Sahres)

Dr. Ali Kashkooli


(AKID Consultants)


BSc., MArch., PhD, Post-Doc Architecture and Industrial Designer






  • Member ofWorld Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET), based in the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Member of Building Environments Analysis Unit (BEAU) at Sheffield University, United Kingdom
  • Former member of Sustainable Building Science Program (SBSP) at University of British Colombia (UBC), Canada

Particular interests in Sustainable Architecture, Energy, Building Lifecycle Assessment (BLCA) etc.

Academic background:

  • Post-Doctoral in Architecture (Regenerative Architecture) from school of Architecture, The University of British Colombia (UBC);
  • PhD of Architecture from The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom;
  • Master of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus;
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran.

He is known as Award Winning Architect in the following international design competitions:

  • Honorable prize of Incheon International Urban Design Competition 2009, South Korea;
  • Prize of ‘Best 8 Design Works’ Isover International Skyscraper Design Competition 2011, New York, US (Exhibited in Excel London).
  • Grand prize of Dragons’ Den business planning (Engaging with knowledge exchange) competition in the UK, 2010.

During the last 15 years, his professional life included various industrial and construction projects as architect, industrial designer, consultant, supervisor of structure and highways, and construction project manager in industrial and domestic construction projects.

The President's International Qualifications

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